Biathlon Initiation

A generous snowfall in the Jura this year has allowed Roseans to enjoy some beautiful excursions just a short distance from campus. It is here in our neighbouring mountains that some of our class T French bac students had the opportunity to participate in an initiation to biathlon on a private cross-country skiing track, surrounded by snow-capped pines and in bright sunshine. The Jura is a well-known spot for this event and their instructor was delighted by students’ enthusiasm to discover this activity, which unites Nordic skiing and rifle shooting. Not as easy as it may first look, participants must be careful to control their pace to not arrive at the firing point out of breath; they must maintain concentration to hit targets and not risk extra laps on the penalty ring. Very quickly, Roseans devised various strategies amongst their teams and the enjoyment of the competition encouraged students to ask for more, even continuing for a short hike to further discover this new landscape. So enthusiastic was the group, they have already asked when the next session will take place!

Initiation to biathlon