How to become a Rosey student

Stage 1


Complete the admissions application online via the link below.   If the link is not working, download the necessary documents: Registration “Cadets, Jeunes Seniors, Seniors” (cl. 5 to t) Registration “Juniors” (cl. 9 to 6) or ask the Rosey secretariat to send them to you.   Prepare a copy of your academic record and a Medical Report completed by your doctor. Ask the headteacher or academic dean at your school to complete an  Academic Recommendation Form.   All documents must be sent via email or post to : Château du Rosey – service des admissions – 1180 Rolle – Switzerland

Stage 2

Let’s get to know each other

You will be invited to spend a day on the campus to explore the school, familiarise yourself with its ambiance, meet members of the admissions team, undergo a few interviews as well as some admissions examinations.   If you cannot come to Le Rosey, you will sit the admissions examinations with a Rosey alumnus or in your current school, and the interview will be conducted via Skype.

Stage 3

Admission, waiting list or denial

The admissions team examines files as soon as they are complete and the registration fees have been paid throughout the year. Your chances of admission are nevertheless better if you apply earlier; Le Rosey accepts 80 to 90 new students each year and receives an average of 400 applications. Your place on the waiting list varies depends on your gender, age and nationality (because of the maximum quota of 10% per country or group of countries).

What is the profile of a future Rosey student?

Intellectual ability

All candidates must be capable of keeping up with the requirements of the programmes needed to sit the French or International Baccalaureates.

Linguistic ability in English or French

To be admitted to the Juniors (aged 8-12), knowledge of Rosey’s working languages is not vital; from the Cadets (aged 12) upwards, it is important to understand one of the two languages; from 15 years on, students must master one of the two languages.

Character and values

At Le Rosey, it is very important that the values identified in the Codes are shared by the candidate and their family. Le Rosey favours active, curious and ambitious candidates.

Some candidates, however, may not be admitted to Le Rosey for the following reasons:


  • While teachers, tutors and specialists help students overcome minor or temporary learning differences, Le Rosey is not suited to children with a severe learning disability.
  • Violent, antisocial or racist attitudes. Life at Le Rosey is based on a commitment to discipline founded on respect for others and their differences.
  • Spoiled children used to always getting their way. Life and discipline at Le Rosey are demanding and the change would be difficult!
  • Any evidence of drug or alcohol use.
Formal uniform

The admissions team

Christophe Gudin, General Director

Christophe Gudin

Director General and Rosey ancien who, day by day and with your help, creates a beautiful school where students can thrive.

Rob Gray

Michael R. Gray

Headmaster, preparing for your future.

Henri-François Vellut

Henri-François Vellut

Academic Director guiding you when choosing academic programmes.

Jacques Bounin

Jacques Bounin

Admissions Director, getting to know you and helping you love his former school as much as he does.

Christopher Bouladon

Christopher Bouladon

Associate Admissions Director, advising you and guiding you throughout the admissions procedure.

Nathalie Eynard

Associate Admissions Director, advising you and guiding you.

Danielle Llewellyn

Danielle Llewellyn

General Secretary, monitoring each student dossier from the time it arrives at Le Rosey.


— Le Rosey has received a very high number of scholarship applications for 2018-19 and these have now been evaluated in detail. A short list of outstanding applications has now been transferred to the Rosey Foundation, and in consequence, we regret to inform interested students and their families that no further applications for next year can be considered. — 

Each year, Le Rosey and the Rosey Foundation grant between three and five scholarships to deserving students who wish to play a leading role in contributing to society but whose parents cannot finance a place at Le Rosey. Scholarship students are selected from September to December each year.

What is the procedure?

Register online, mentioning your request for a scholarship.

What are the conditions for awarding scholarships?

The scholarship candidate’s family will be required to provide information regarding its financial status: the precise amount of financial aid will be based on this documentation. Successful applicants’ families should note, however, that they will be required to make a contribution to tuition fees and that they must cover any non-obligatory extra expenses.   Scholarship applications must be made between September 1 and December31. Applications received from January onwards will be carried over to the following September and considered an application for the following academic year.   Scholarships are granted to applicants(s) with an exceptional profile; scholarship students are then treated in the same way as other Rosey students and their status is not revealed publicly.   In order to remain at Le Rosey for one or more additional years, scholars must meet certain requirements which are regularly reviewed with them. Scholarship students may be admitted from class 6 to class 1.

Which students are awarded scholarships?

Academic excellence is naturally an important criterion, but it is not pivotal; character, talents and motivation are also taken into consideration. Without wishing to establish an identikit portrait of a candidate, we look for the following qualities:

  • very good academic results which put the student in the top 5% of their age group
  • good mastery of French and/or English and an ability to follow a demanding curriculum in one or both languages; a clear interest in learning several foreign languages
  • the potential to make a significant contribution to sports, the arts or humanitarian activities at Le Rosey
  • a desire to take on responsibilities and the maturity to handle these responsibilities
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