A Virtual Rentrée

A first in Rosey history, and indeed for the lives of many, we commence this term separated by distance, but closer than ever in spirit. Multiple departments have worked relentlessly in the past few weeks to conceive, refine and implement our Distance Learning Strategy, which is integral to maintaining the quality of Roseans’ education during this unique third term. Lessons have started online in all subjects, including Sports and Arts, with students tuning in from 48 different countries and learning across 20 different time zones. The whole Rosean community is excited to embark on this educational adventure, adapting day by day and advancing together.

An excerpt from Christophe Gudin, Directeur Général, from his video address to students:

“This extraordinary period will be an important turning point in the world of education. For the past decade, we have talked about technology revolutionising education. Yet, we have never dared to take the risk with our students. We now do not have the choice and most schools around the world are now starting this journey of innovation. In five years, in twenty-five years, your children, nephews, might ask you: “How have you lived this crisis?” And your answer will be determined by what you do and the actions you choose in the coming weeks. I would like to encourage you to go beyond the legitimate fears that we are facing […] to enable yourselves to grow and live this crisis proud of your achievements. I am confident that we will all meet on campus soon enough to learn, to fight, to love, to celebrate, in a school that is waiting for you.”

“Bonne rentrée a tous!”