23/53 Running Challenge

In preparation for the Super Trophée 23/53 running event between Morat and Fribourg, this year’s team of Roseans took to countryside tracks to cover over 15km with a 650m ascent, hitting checkpoints every 2.5km to refuel for the remaining kilometres. Waiting for them at the finish line was a delicious barbecue and teachers ready to welcome them after their impressive feat. The Super Trophée 23/53 is as much about the individual as the team, paying homage to Le Rosey’s national team victories in 1923 and 1953 in ice hockey and rowing.  The events are designed to be physically and mentally demanding and often require the encouragement of teammates to make sure that whilst individuals push themselves, the team completes together. In true Rosey spirit, encouragement is always in abundance and participating Roseans should be congratulated on their effort and dedication to both their own skills and team camaraderie.