Women’s Talk

Not “Girls’ Talk” but intelligent conversation between successful women was at the heart of a special celebration of 50 years of Le Rosey’s section feminine. Introduced by Anne Gudin, who spoke of different types of female leadership and then hosted by Annika P, a successful TV journalist in the US, five roséennes spoke about the challenges and the success of making their way in what is still a man’s world. Jackie M and Elena Z were both relatively recent graduates but Tae A, who leads an eminent Japanese fashion house, graduated in 1983 and this was her first time back at Le Rosey after 35 years. Tae was met by her sports teacher and fellow member of her relay team, underlining the importance of continuity and community. But even she was outdone by Justine K. V., former candidate for the presidency of Congo and on a crusade to alert Europeans to what is happening in her home country. Justine was one of the very first roséennes, arriving in 1967 but with her memories fresh and still inspired by what she found at Rosey.