End-of-Year Celebrations 2015

Nearly 1,500 Roséens, anciens, parents, staff and friends celebrated the end of
Le Rosey’s 135th year on the evening of Friday 26th and the morning and afternoon of Saturday 27th June; they found a school full of life and vigour under a sunny summer sky. Concerts, dinner and garden party, and an unforgettable musical — a remarkable Broadway-style production of “The Wiz” in a the Rosey Concert Hall, which, despite its 900 seats, had to close its doors to some would-be spectators. And at midday on Saturday, Anne and Philippe Gudin presided over their 35th and final Graduation ceremony before handing over the General Direction of Le Rosey to their thirty-year-old son, Christophe Gudin, who becomes Le Rosey’s fifth Director since the school’s foundation in 1880. The 72-strong Class of 2015 said goodbye to their school with the regret of those about to leave their second family but also with the joy of those launching into college and university life. This was a magnificent, warm and at times moving weekend, but always imbued with the quality of events and human relationships so unique to Le Rosey.

From September, Christophe Gudin will be Le Rosey’s Director General; Rob Gray will remain at his side as Headmaster. Anne Gudin will leave the General Direction and will no longer be the doyenne of the Juniors where she is replaced by Joannah Spencer; Anne remains President of the Conseil d’administration and will de the General Direction delegate for the Juniors. Philippe Gudin leaves his role as Director General; he retains responsibility for the new mountain campus and the development of Le Rosey Summer (and Winter) Camps; he is also counsellor to the Direction and member of the Conseil.
Les Abeilles roséennes

En plus des élèves, ce printemps nous avons aussi le plaisir d’accueillir 30,000 nouvelles roséennes dans nos 3 ruches qui ont été posées sur le campus à côté de notre eco-pond. Pendant la fête de noël 2016 vous aurez l’occasion d’acheter ce spécial Miel du Rosey auprès de notre steering committee.

Class 4 have been away for 5 days on a trip to the Ardèche. It has been an action packed few days with climbing, weaseling, caving, sight seeing, kayaking and a variety of evening games. Due to high winds the overnight river journey had to be altered. But we still managed 2 days of kayaking with the dreaded winds providing some challenging conditions for the students to overcome. Everyone approached the activities with enthusiasm and great spirit; leading to a wonderful few days in great company. Thank you Class 4!

11 members of the climbing team decided to make an expedition to the Aosta valley in Italy to climb in a beautiful location and further their skills. The team enjoyed climbing in a new location, lead climbing, topping and abseiling as well as eating ice cream, bbq’s and great italian food. Well done all involved.

5 students from class 3 took up the challenge of the International award and completed their practice expedition around the hills of the Jura. They had a great time navigating around the mountains occasionally getting lost but working out where to go … eventually.

This weekend the Silver International Award candidates undertook a 3 day expedition in the Jura mountains near Neuchatel. They had planned a great route through some very impressive scenery, including the Creux du Van and gorges de l’Areuse. The group were blessed with clear days but had to endure one very wet night, which provided a real test to their campcraft skills. Not only did they overcome this, but they even managed to produce a great fondue! Over the 3 days there was a clear improvement in everyone’s ability to navigate, camp and look after themselves in a changing environment. All of the students left the weekend with a very positive outlook and lots of enthusiasm for the final assessment in 3 weeks time. Well done!

Class 5 had a great weekend Mountain biking, Horse riding, Sailing and kayaking this weekend. The weather was less than ideal but with the new Rosey expedition jackets the students were prepared for the worst and managed to complete all the activities without exception. The weekend showed the students the wealth of outdoor activities the students can sign up to during the week and there are a lot of enthusiastic students who are keen to develop their skills further. Well done Class 5

Class 6 had an action packed weekend helping to compose and perform a piece of music inspired by the caves of Vallorbe. The students created background music in the cave and then played live music on stage in front of the rest of the school. The project was lead by 2 players from the BBC Philharmonic orchestra who found each students strengths and used them to help develop a piece of music. This was combined with the theatre group in the school and other musicians from class 3. Class 6 also enjoyed going indoor rock climbing and hiking around the Dent de Vaulion and then stayed at a mountain hut. It was a great experience for the students and they enjoyed the challenges throughout the weekend. Well done class 6.
Remise des Prix des Courses du Rosey

420 Roséens in the Gstaad sun for the Rosey Races Prize-giving ceremony. All marked by a warm and friendly atmosphere as medals were awarded for the best slalom skiers, beginners, and team members. The cups often carry names of those who have made a mark in the sporting history of Rosey over the decades. The great pride for today's roséens of carrying on the tradition of famous names from the past.

Gstaad's Rosey weekend

Le Rosey is celebrating its 100th winter in Gstaad
Serious academic meetings between parents, doyens and teachers, guidance
counsellors and university admissions officers from UCLA, Emory and Cambridge and the Deans of Admissions from Dartmouth College in the USA and King's College London.
Ski races with excellent snow conditions on the Wasserngrat, and a good serving of raclette in the tent at the bottom of the slopes. Hundreds of Roséens meeting up with their friends in Gstaad restaurants, playing music together at the "Jam in the Alps", playing ice hockey against current students, taking part in backgammon and curling tournaments, Nearly a thousand parents, anciens, teachers and students coming together under the immense Alpengala Tent for a wonderful event, enlivened by music, dance and speeches, all in favour of Rosey's future "Ecole des Métiers" in Bamako in Mali.
January - Rosey Cup
Very successfull day for Rosey Ski Team in Morgins!
Our students won 3 categories out of 4.
Outstanding result of Shawn, he had the fastest time of the day !
January - SGIS Morgins
Very successfull day for Rosey Ski Team in Morgins! Our students won 3 categories out of 4. Outstanding result of Shawn, he had the fastest time of the day !
January - Arrival in Gstaad

Arrival in Gstaad
As is the custom, students arrived in Gstaad at the beginning of January. Classes take place as they do in Rolle with one or two modifications: classes take place on six slightly longer mornings (including Saturday) as well as on Thursday afternoon. The other afternoons are given over to winter sports. Click here to see the Director's Letter
December - Fête de Noël
Concert Video
You can now see a video of the music Christmas Classical Concert.
December - Fête de Noël
This year, we had two superb plays: the Juniors put on "Panto Pandemonium" and the French theatre group performed "La Noce" by Chekov. The evening started with a superb classical concert, and a pop/rock concert brought down the curtain on a wonderful and exciting weekend. Click here to see the Christmas Photo collage.
Octobre - Repas d'Halloween

Atelier Halloween 2014 au restaurant du Paul & Henri Carnal Hall :
Thème: Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences. Les élèves ont joué avec leurs sens pour surprendre les papilles de leurs amis. Au menu: Velouté de potiron aux châtaignes Tagliatelles de calamars à l'encre de seiche Farandole de desserts terrifiants
Un menu haut en couleurs servi par des monstres gentils, c’était un effroyable paradis.
Octobre - Défi de l'ile de la Harpe, Rolle

Défi: nager dans les eaux froides du lac Léman à l’approche de l’hiver.
Concert inaugural du Rosey Concert Hall
Re-live the emotion of the Rosey Concert Hall inaugural concert in just eight minutes:


On 2nd October 2014, to inaugurate the Rosey Concert Hall's first concert season, Le Rosey hosted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the heart of the Paul and Henri Carnal Hall. It was an emotional event with some splendid music-making.

The hall's acoustics fulfilled all early promise: the sound was clear yet warm.

Franco Piemontesi regaled the public with a magnificently precise and virtuosic interpretation of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No 1.

And the great maestro Charles Dutoit conjured up an extraordinary climax to the evening. Both young and not-so-young members of the audience were sensitive to his interpretation's wonderful grasp of Tchaikovsky' 5th Symphony -- its structure, its orchestration, and its rhythmic drive and variety. The final chords had hardly died away before the audience recognized this moving and powerful performance with a prolonged standing ovation.

You can see the concert in its entirety: On video on the ARTE website:

On the radio on the RTS Espace 2 website:

We look forward to welcoming you to the Rosey Concert Hall for the next event in the programme and our thanks to all those members of the audience who sent us their moving messages of thanks and congratulations.


Rosey Concert Hall's first concert season : The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Photos
Rosey Concert Hall Website: www.roseyconcerthall.ch
Billeterie en ligne : Ticket Corner

The Juniors were lucky enough to visit the BrainBus today, where we experienced everything from electrical pulses to tastes, sights and sounds and a mouse brain!

Cadet Rally

Our team participated in the Cadet Rally this afternoon and we had the chance to visit an apple orchard, a vineyard a chocolatier and a goat farm! Much fun was had by all!

Septembre - Atelier cuisine au restaurant du Paul & Henri Carnal Hall

Entry Point IPC cl 8-9

Week-end de Connaissance

Week-end de Connaissance Junior
3rd Term 2014 (April - June)
Kelly Tchen, a Roséenne in class 3, passed away in Paris on 16th July 2014 at the age of fifteen.

Kelly had been battling against illness with courage and determination for several months. She leaves behind the memory of a bright young girl full of life and generosity.

To her brothers and anciens roséens, William and Richard, her parents, family and friends go the the affectionate thoughts of the Rosey community in Switzerland and across the world, who share their suffering and join in their mourning.
inauguration Paul & Henri Carnal Hall
A selection of film footage from the inauguration the Paul and Henri Carnal Hall! Nice Summer ! Philippe Gudin

The Class of 2014 has lived up to expectations!
The eight French bac (FB) students obtained 4 "mentions très bien" (one with "félicitations du jury"), 3 "mentions bien" and one pass. A 100% pass rate for the eleventh year and an excellent average score of 15,9 sur 20.

All 62 International Baccalaureate (IB) candidates obtained the full diploma. 6 candidates obtained above 40 points and 20 between 36 and 39 points. The percentage of Bilingual Diploma was 60%. The average score was 34.5.

To appreciate the rue meaning of these results, we should not forget that Le Rosey does not offer the chance of a High School Diploma or IB certificates: all final year students at Rosey without exception must sit the full FB or IB diploma.

Our warmest congratulations to this year's graduating students.
Friday 27 Juin 2014 - Paul & Henri Carnal Hall Inauguration
2000 members of the Rosey family -- Roséens, parents and Anciens -- came together on the Rosey campus on 27th and 28th June for two memorable events: the Inauguration of the Paul and Henri Carnal Hall and the 134th end-of-year celebrations and Graduation ceremony.

End-of-Year Celebrations: Programme
Saturday 28 June 2014 - Graduation and Prize-Giving Ceremony
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Juin :
Prix sportifs
Juin :
Journée sportive
Mai :
White Disco!
Mai - Les Juniors : Programme IPC

A l'occasion de la fête de la nature régionale et dans le cadre de l'IPC, les Juniors ont participéà un atelier "plantation de plantes aromatiques" chez un pépiniériste et à une visite au parc de l'Arboretum.
Mai - Voyages culturels des Juniors : Classe 8/9 en Bourgogne (France)

Les 23 petits élèves de la classe 8/9 ont découvert avec plaisir la Bourgogne aux multiples facettes.
Cheminement dans la basilique de Vézelay, promenade dans les jardins de l'Abbaye de Fontenay, passage d'une écluse sur le canal de Bourgogne ou encore construction d'un camp romain au sein du nouveau muséo-parc d'Alesia sont quelques unes des innombrables activités qui ont rythmé ces belles journées du mois de mai sous une météo clémente. Les enfants se sont montrés intéressés et ont reçu de nombreux compliments des hôtes qui les accueillaient, un grand bravo à eux! Bien entendu la gastronomie n'était pas en reste et les enfants ont apprécié les escargots, le jambon du Morvan ou les gougères, spécialités au fromage de la région. Les enfants ont pu fabriquer une vraie moutarde! N'hésitez pas à leur demander le secret....mais chut.... De retour au Rosey pour la dernière ligne droite! Avec le sourire et de beaux souvenirs.
Classe 7
  Classe 6
Rome & Naples
Avril - Bronze and Silver International Award Expedition – Jura

A mix of class 3 and 2 students have taken up the challenge of completing their bronze or silver International award and completed their practice expedition around the Jura this weekend. They started from the Lac De Joux, covered around 55km carrying all their own equipment and were completely autonomous for the 3 days. The students dealt coped with very long days, navigated around the area effectively, and looked after each other when it got dark and cold finding their way to camp on Saturday evening. A great effort by the students who were superb throughout and I have no doubt they will be ready for their qualifier next month.
Avril - Excellence Challenge Junior

Les élèves de l'Excellence Challenge Juniors ont été invités à une sortie théâtre à Lausanne.

Ce spectacle a beaucoup plu aux enfants et cela faisait office de " récompense " pour leur travail appliqué. Ils ont tous apprécié la pièce et se sont laissés emporter par l'histoire féérique. Un très bon moment... Un spectacle d'une belle qualité... Une adresse à garder...
Les élèves des classes 7,8 et 9 se sont rendus vendredi 4 Avril à Gland pour un atelier jardinage. Ils ont pu découvrir les fleurs de saison comme les pensées, myosotis, etc... Chacun a pu planter 3 fleurs de son choix et revenir avec une belle composition à la section. Ils ont aussi pu découvrir de nombreuses espèces de plantes et de fruits à travers un quizz. C'est avec un grand plaisir que le nouveau thème IPC a commencé. Let's plant !
Do you know the answers to these questions?

· The Halifax Resolves authorised representatives to approve this document, which was signed by the non-fictional New Hampshirite Josiah Bartlett. This document declares its addressee “unfit to be the ruler of a free People”. A text written by George Mason inspired the opening of this document, which states that all men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” Name this 1776 document written by Thomas Jefferson.”

· Different versions of this device have been designed by Robert Fluid and Santorio Santorio, while early versions doubled as barometers. A scale for these objects that occasionally employ mercury was developed in 1724 by Daniel Fahrenheit. Name these medical devices that are used to determine temperature.

These are just two of the dozens of demanding questions teams had to answer at the Swiss National Championship
hosted by Le Rosey for the third year running. The competition was very stiff and our teams had to fight hard to make it through the latter rounds.

Nonetheless, the Varsity team did well enough to make it through to the European finals in Rome next May. So, we look forward to bettering our title as Vice-Champions of Europe!
Avril - Class 6: Musical Expedition to the caves of Vallorbe

Going on expedition with a cello, a double bass and 23 other instruments with Class 6 was a little out of the ordinary - and then taking them underground into the caves of Vallorbe to compose and perform a piece of music was utterly bizarre, but at the same time magical. Using the acoustics created by the large cavern, students were able to explore the use of sound to fill the space creating echoes and resonance. All students were then involved in helping to compose a piece of music on top of a bass riff by Miles Davis. Class 6 worked incredibly well in carefully designed workshop groups to create vocals, percussion and melodies. In a short period of time they created a fantastic piece of music including solos, improvisation, and harmonizing. This piece was then performed to an audience in the cave. A superb achievement.
2nd Term 2014 (January - March)
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Hundreds of parents and Roséens, past and present, joined together to enjoy our celebrated February "Long Weekend". Working meetings, ski races, gala dinners, alumni meetings, tournaments and some very lively evenings — nothing was missing. What sets Le Rosey apart is never more evident than at this special time when a great community comes together for a few days — or even a few hours —from all over the world, drawn to the warmth of these Gstaad reunions to celebrate friendships that reach across frontiers, languages and race.
Bal des Cadets
Bal des Jeunes Seniors
Bal des Seniors
February - Ski tour excursion - Les Arpilles

An exceptional day in the mountains with exceptional students ski touring up Les Arpilles. Leaving the minibus at l’Etivaz we put our skins on our skis and ascended 1000m to the summit of a beautiful mountain. The fresh snow overnight had added to the fresh snow underneath and with perfect weather for an outstanding ski down. The fitness and technique of the students has improved considerably over the season, they set a great pace going upwards and showed the staff how to ski on the down. A total pleasure to be in the mountains with them!
February - Class 4, Igloo Expdedition

Class 4 went on expedition to Gsteig travelling on an air-boards before sleeping in an Igloo overnight. Air boards are big inflatable body boards with rails on the bottom to give a small amount of control while descending at high speeds. Taking the Wispile lift we traversed the ridge line and then descended down to the valley covering around 14km having a great time along the way. Students then had to prepare for the night learning about how to keep themselves warm while sleeping in a snow hole. All students made it through the night a little chilled by the morning but positive and enthusiastic about the experience which I am sure they will not forget.
Challenge (ART)
Rosey Races:
Ski Tour
January - Juniors, Course Triangular

Pour la cinquième fois de suite, Le Rosey gagne la « Coupe Triangulaire » de ski! La course au Wasserngrat et l’accueil à l’Eagle Club ont été très bien organisés. Nos élèves ont pu profiter d’une excellente journée avec des bonnes conditions de neige. Un nouveau système de calcul des points pour les équipes a été introduit cette année (1ère place : 25 points ; 2ème : 20 pts ; 3ème : 15 pts ; 4ème : 10 pts ; 5ème : 9 pts etc.). Le Rosey gagne la coupe devant l’Eagle Club et JFK. Toutes nos félicitations aux jeunes Roséens (nés entre 2005-2001) qui ont participé à cette course.

Les activités du week-end chez lesJuniors
January - IPC Entry Point, Classes 7-8-9

Vendredi 17 Janvier, les élèves des classes 7 , 8 et 9 sont tous partis à l'Aventure.
Ils ont d'abord préparé eux-mêmes leurs pique-niques. Puis, raquettes au pied, ils ont effectué une marche de plus de deux heures. Après avoir relevé plusieurs défis, les 4 équipes d'explorateurs ont atteint avec succès le sommet de l'Eggli. Un grand bravo à nos aventuriers qui ont su déveloper des compétences telles que l'entraide, la force physique mais aussi mentale.
January - Class 5, Lauenen

Class 5 travelled to Lauenen to discover a beautiful place close to Gstaad and to learn about the ‘dangers of the mountains’. Students travelled on snow shoes over to Gsteig while practicing using transceivers, probes and shovels so they know what to do if they ever came across an avalanched group. The class showed a good spirit and co-operated well to help each other over the hill.
1st Term 2013 (September-December)

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More than 1,200 Roséens, teachers, family and friends celebrated Le Rosey's 134th Christmas on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December. It was a delightful and heartwarming fête under cold if sunny winter skies. More than half of the student body participated in the celebrations as actors on stage, as performers in the concerts or in running our fundraising stalls. These were Christmas celebrations marked by the warmth, friendship and the sense of community which is so much a part Le Rosey.


The Junior theatre group presents (on Friday): "Cendrillon" by Joël Pommerat

Christmas Concert (on Saturday): Soloists, ensembles, Rosey choir and orchestra.
Le Rosey’s troupe théâtrale presents(on Saturday): "Au café parisien" by Prévert, Tardieu, Hugo, Duringer, Aznavour...
Le Défi "Cross du Château"

Les Bals de Fin d'année

La St Nicolas

Novembre - Les Juniors au Musée Géologique de Lausanne

Les Juniors ont été ravis de découvrir de vrais fossiles suisses, attentifs et pertinents dans leurs questions ou réponses. Ils ont pu voir des squelettes de dinosaures, mammouths, etc... des fossiles d'ammonites, palmiers, ... Ils ont pu aussi partir à la recherche de 12 fossiles enfouis dans le sable et ont pu les dessiner et les regrouper par famille.
November - TEDx: Great Expectations

Le Rosey's first TEDx was a great success.
Organized with care and creativity by a dozen Roséens, Saturday 9th November will stay in our memories as a wonderful day of thoughts and feelings shared with some remarkable speakers who honoured us with their presence. The strict rules that govern TEDx, notably that of limiting the number of spectators to 100, were not easy to respect, but Caroline, the President of the Organizing Committee, was able to bring her team together and set a tremendous standard for the future. In a few days' time, a Youtube link will make it possible to see or see again the best of our TEDx, which looks set to become a a great annual Rosey tradition. Bravo to the speakers, many from far away, to the organizers who worked so hard for over eight months and to all who helped and attended.
November 9th, 2013  

Organized by our very own Rosey students,
TEDx Institute Le Rosey will be a day filled with inspiration and ideas with talks from speakers such as Norman Foster, Kenneth Starr, and Luca Belpietro.

We invite all members of the Le Rosey community to buy a ticket and attend the event to see what ideas our students believe are worth sharing...



09:30 Registration
10:00 Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish
10:25 Mr. Felipe Sabogal Zuluaga
10:30 Mr. Luca Belpietro
11:00 Break
11:20 Ms. Safiya Al Bahlani
11:50 Lord Norman Foster
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Dr. Mark Kingwell
14:35 Judge Ken Starr
15:10 Break
15:30 Dr. Carlos Del Rio
15:50 Mr. John Ceriale
16:10 Reception

Halloween 2013

Soirée Américaine


"Entry Point" on the theme "Footprints from the past" Classes 8 and 9

IPC: Migration

October - Juniors : IPC

As part of our IPC Migration topic this term, we began with an "EVACUATION" of all class 6 and 7 students.
We had ten minutes to pack our bags and escape up to the Jura! We tried to understand what refugees experience when they have to flee their homes. Up on the Jura, we learned six new skills; How to light a fire, how to use a water filter, how to treat an injury, how to build a shelter, how to boil water and make tea and which equipment we really need to survive. It was exciting and exhilarating, we learned a lot and we LOVED IT!
October - The "Grand" Raid, Class 2

Students in Class 2 all participated in an expedition to 'cross the Alps'. By hiking from the Col Du Marchairuz to the Col Du Mollendruz students covered around 15km each with a cumulative distance of around 1000km the equivalent of crossing the Alps. Focusing on leadership and teamwork skills students were independent and self-led having to navigate from different starting positions to the end point. The weather was unfavourable with strong winds, a covering of snow and cold, but students showed a good attitude and spirit and were very positive about the experience.
October - Kandersteg, Class 5

Class 5 went on their long expedition to Kandersteg and got to try many outdoor activities including: mountain biking, archery, orienteering, canyoning, hiking, team games, summer luge etc. The expedition culminated with a night in the mountains underneath the famous Eiger north face and an ascent on train up to the Jungfraujoch. It was a great experience for the students who had a great attitude and enjoyed the expedition immensely.
Septembre - IA Training

Class 4,3,2, went on expedition in the Jura find out about the International Award, and to learn some basic expedition skills.
Starting on campus the students planned their route and food for the weekend. They took the train to Le Pont navigated their way to the tipi village above the Lac du Joux. They prepared their food and learnt how to make fires and navigate at night using a compass. The following day they hiked to the summit of the Dent du Vaulion and down to Vallorbe sticking to their timings. Students showed good character and leadership skills throughout.
Septembre - Défis Via Ferrata et trekking au Moléson

Dans l'esprit de chacun, premier jour d'automne rime avec temps gris, mais ce dimanche fut merveilleusement ensoleillé pour 16 Roséens déterminés à atteindre leur objectif, le sommet du Moléson. Que cette ascension se fasse par petits sentiers ou par via ferrata, chacun a combiné forces physique et mentale pour gravir cette montagne dominant la région, car une fois parvenus à son pied, nous sommes tout d'abord interpellés puis intimidés l'espace d'un instant par son aspect imposant. Un challenge gravé à tout jamais dans les mémoires de certains, une simple étape de plus pour d'autres, l'occasion d'être un leader ou la main dans le dos, mais avant tout un bon moment partagé puis gratifié par un bon repas fort apprécié au sommet. Une fois de plus, félicitations à tous nos participants et merci aux guides !
Septembre - Tour du Mont Blanc

Seven students in class t completed the first half of the famous Tour du Mont Blanc. They covered large distances each day, 56km in total, 3000m of ascent and did a four-day tour in just three days. They showed great spirit and determination and were a pleasure to take into the mountains. They completed half of the tour and will return in two weekends' time to complete the other half to qualify for their Gold International Award.
Visit the Charity Steering Committee website:
Mali: A State of Emergency and Everyday Needs
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Printemps 2015

6 mai
Prof. Philippe Borgeaud
L’origine des religions: éléments communs et mythes fondateurs

13 mai
Jean-Paul Jeckelmann Finance can be fun !

19 mai
Dr Catherine Hamlin

How to help the 2 million African women living with obstetric fistula

28 mai
Alain Crevoisier
From musical instruments to the 21st century classroom

Gstaad 2015
27 février
Franklin Adler
"How can family businesses compete against international brands?"
Automne 2014
Mercredi 24 septembre 20h15
Yann Borgstedt
Fondateur de "The Womanity Foundation."
"Ibiza or Philanthropy : Can we do both ?"
Lundi 29 septembre 20h15
Ted Brown
Senior Advisor and Counsel to the Democratic Leadership in the US House of Representatives
"How to understand the world in one hour and know more than your parents"
Mercredi 1er octobre 18h15
Jean-Paul Jeckelmann
Chief Investment Officer de la Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA.
"You know milk shake... what about financial shake ? "
7 octobre
Lecture and Brain Concert
Vendredi 10 octobre
Anne Fontaine
Projection du film "Gemma Bovery", présenté par sa réalisatrice Anne Fontaine.
15 octobre
Christian Takushi
Global Ethics
Spring 2014
Jeudi 10 avril
Christian Takushi
The Emerging Economies and their impact on the global political economy:
- Is the relative decline of the USA and Europe inevitable?
- What problems are likely to be encountered in the emerging economies?
- Have western firms and societies started to change their ethics?
Jeudi 17 avril
Nelson Montfort
Mes héros et légendes du sport
En français & in English
Mercredi 21 mai
IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
Is Nature a Luxury?
Can Luxury save Nature?
Autumn Term 2013
Wednesday 25 September
Fred Jordan
(Founder and CEO of AlpVision)
De la gestation d'une idée académique à la réalité de son exploitation commerciale
Wednesday 2 October
Marco Ricca
(founder of Ilion Security, Satorys)
How I became an ethical hacker, and how hackers may help change the world.
Wednesday 16 October
Sergio Marchi
(Principal of the Marchi Group)
Millions Dying for a Clean Glass of Water
Saturday 9 November
TEDxInstitut Le Rosey
Multiple word-renowned speakers - A day of fascinating talks, organized by students
Wednesday 13 November
Tarek Kettaneh
Decision Making and Psychological Traps
Spring Term 2013
Wednesday 17 April
Richard Jacobsson,

physicist at CERN.
LHC : A Discovery Vessel at the Horizon of Knowledge.
Friday 19 April
Alexander Joel,

Rosey alumnus and conductor (he will be conducting Madama Butterfly at the Grand-Théâtre de Genève from 20 April to 5 May 2013. The Life and career of a Maestro.
Wednesday 1 May
Henry James Ewans,
Marine Biologist and Polar Explorer.
From University to the South Pole.
Autumn Term 2012
Tuesday 18 September
William Winram : Breath-Hold Diving with Sharks.
Wednesday 3 October
Phililppe Barraud, astronome: Comment se comporter face aux extra-terrestres?
Wednesday 10 October
Le voyage humanitaire au Kalahari en juin 2012, par les élèves qui y ont participé
Wednesday 31 October
Florence Devouard, ancienne présidente de Wikipedia
Wednesday 8 November
Duncan Robinson : The 2nd British Ski descent of the Mount Damavand
Monday 12 November
Talk by Cesare Tibaldi
Spring Term 2012
Every Friday evening:
Wednesday 25th April
Prof. Denis Duboule
(EPFL, University of Geneva).
«Cloning Man or Cloning for Mankind?» PHOTOS
Thursday 26th April
Swiss Inter-Schools
Mathematics competition PHOTOS

Sunday 6th May
Inter-school History Bee and Bowl at Le Rosey

Tuesday 15 May
Poetry competition
Wednesday 23rd May
Evening debate : This House would Elect a Woman for President
Tuesday 29th May
Presentation by students who visited Terezin to Excellence Challenge students
Friday 15th / Saturday 16th June
Visit to Basel Art Exhibition
Autumn Term 2011
Thursday 22 September
Andreas Hoefert (Chief Global Economist at UBS). "What do economists do in financial markets during a crisis?" PHOTOS

Wednesday 28 September

Marinah Embiricos (Founder and Chair of the Verbier Green Pioneering Summit). "The challenges of a sustainable future." PHOTOS

Wednesday 5 October

Reto Egger (President of McDonald’s Switzerland).
"Behind the Golden Arches."

Wednesday 12 October

Suren Erkman (EPFL).
"Industrial Ecology: perspectives on the future of a hyper-industrial economy." Postponed to the 3rd term

Wednesday 19 October

Albin Kälin (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency Switzerland). "CRADLE TO CRADLE ®: an innovation path towards a circular economy."

Wednesday 2 November

Henk Slettenhaar (CERN).
"The Birth of the Internet at CERN", presented by an engineer who was part of the original team. PHOTOS

Thursday 17 November
Paul Dembinski (Observatoire de la finance, Geneva). "Finance: Servant or Deceiver?"

Spring Term 2011
Wednesday 13th April
Gerry Simpson, HRW (Human Rights Watch).
" Yemen and other countries in the Middle East today "
Friday 15th April, 12h Geneva*.
Navanethem Pillay , Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies aux Droits de l'Homme.
« Human Rights matters »
Wednesday 20th April
Cosima Dannoritzer, Film maker. " The light bulb conspiracy : planned obsolescence"
Wednesday 27th April
Michael Doser, Physicist. (CERN). " Antimatter "
Wednesday 4th May
Stéphane Allix, Reporter.
" Death is not a foreign country "
Tuesday 10th May
Prof. Dr. Hans B. Püttgen, Engineer (EPFL). " Energy challenges: a new game after Fukushima? "
Wednesday 18th May
Rafik Ben Salah, Tunisian writer. « Les caves du Minustaire »
Wednesday 25th May
Herbert Pümpel, OMM (Office Mondial de la Météorologie).
" Weather forecasting: a decision tool with social responsibility? "
Wednesday 8th June
Carol Ann Bundy.
« Jonas Salk – a vision for Human Future »
Inauguration of the Le Rosey-Abantara school in Bamako, Mali
Since 2003, Rosey parents and all at Le Rosey have teamed up to finance and realize the construction and opening of our sister school in Bamako: Le Rosey-Abantara. Photos