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How to become a Rosean
Step 1
Fill in the online application form (if this is not possible, download or request the necessary documents and send them by mail).

Step 2
You will be invited to spend a day on campus so that you can familiarize yourself with the school, get a feel for its atmosphere, meet the admissions team, be interviewed and sit an entrance exam and so that we can get to know you better. If you are unable to come to Le Rosey, the admissions examination will be sent to your current school and the interview will take place if possible at the home of a former student in your locality.

Step 3
The admissions team will examine your complete dossier in order to decide whether you will be admitted. We strongly recommend that you make your application as early as possible (for example, between November and February to guarantee a timely response to your application. Le Rosey has a limit of no more than 380 places.

Every year, a waiting list, which varies according to age, nationality (as we apply a quota system of no more than 10% of one particular nationality or group of nations) and gender is established; as soon as a place becomes available, an offer will be sent to the candidate at the top of the waiting list. Le Rosey accepts 80 to 90 new students per year selected from, on average, 400 applications.
What is the “profile” of a future Rosean?
Intellectual capabilities: Anyone applying to be a student at Le Rosey should have the intellectual level which will eventually allow him/her to follow either the French or International Baccalaureate diploma programme.

For those students applying to the Junior or Cadet section (students aged between 8 and 13/14 years old), the ability to speak French or English is not absolutely necessary; for students applying to the lower Senior section, “Jeunes Seniors” (14 to 16 years old), we would strongly recommend a good working knowledge of one of the two languages of instruction; for the Senior section (the last two years of school),the ability to work confidently in French or English is indispensable.

Most children and adolescents find that after a period of adaptation, they feel comfortable with Le Rosey way of life.
However, some children may not be suited to coming to Le Rosey in such cases as the following:
A child who has severe learning difficulties: tutors are on hand to provide assistance to students with limited difficulties but the school does not have the facilities for extreme cases.

A child who is uneasy with the compromises and rules necessary for life in a community: Le Rosey has a strict disciplinary code which must be understood and adhered to.

Anyone who has a drug habit, in whatever form.
Application procedures
Complete the online application: detailed instructions are to be found when you start the procedure.

Alternatively, you can use a downloaded form:
Registration "Cadets, Jeunes Seniors, Seniors" (cl. 5 to t) or Registration "Juniors" (cl. 9 to 6).
Request a copy of your child’s school report along with this Medical Form completed by your doctor.

Ask your child’s class teacher or his/her director of studies to complete the Recommendation Form .

We strongly recommend that you use the online application procedure. Any documents sent by mail should be addressed to: Le Rosey, Admissions Office, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland.
For your information: Information on obtaining a Swiss Residency Permit
     Scholarship Information
November 25th, 2014

We are are sorry to announce that Le Rosey can consider no further scholarship requests for the
2015-16 academic year
since the maximum number of applications has already been reached. We regret any disappointment that this may cause, and we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have expressed interest.

The Admissions Team

Le Rosey, in collaboration with the Le Rosey Foundation, offers a number of scholarships every year to talented pupils who aim to play an eminent role in society. Scholarship students are selected from September to December every year.


Are there any special conditions a scholarship student must fulfil?

  1. Scholarship students’ families must be able and willing to provide complete details of their financial status, so as to demonstrate that would not normally be able to meet the standard financial conditions for admission to Le Rosey. The amount of financial aid they receive is based on these statements.

  2. By definition, scholarship students tend to be exceptional individuals. Nevertheless, they are treated in exactly the same way as all other students and their scholarship status is not made public.

  3. Since it is expected that all scholarship students will remain at Le Rosey for a minimum of two years, their performance is monitored by the school and the Foundation before their scholarship is renewed.

What sorts of students obtain scholarships?

Academic excellence, although vitally important, is not the only criterion, and character, talent and motivation are also taken into consideration. While we do not operate a checklist approach, the following are the sorts of qualities and characteristics we are looking for:

  1. A strong academic background, indicating that the applicant is in the top 5% of his or her age range.

  2. A good command of English and/or French and the ability to follow demanding academic programs in either or both languages ; we are likely to give preference to students with a good command of French and an international outlook as evidenced (for example) by ability and interest in foreign languages.

  3. The potential to make a notable contribution to the artistic, sporting or humanitarian activities of the school.

  4. Evidence of ambition, vision and a mature view of his/her possibilities and responsibilities.

We do not accept applications for the final year of secondary education or post-graduate students.


What procedures should I follow?

Apply online without paying a registration fee; the Admissions Office will inform you of subsequent procedures once your application has been received.